Hard-headed man cracks walnut-breaking record stores

Transcript for hardheaded man cracks walnutbreaking record. Watch a man break the record for breaking walnuts with his head. In america, the most recent histrionics have been over climate change, identity politics, gun control, orange man bad, russian election hacking. Most walnuts cracked with the head in one minute guinness world. But, when you think about it, hasnt hysteria and emotionalism been utilized throughout history to hasten the agendas of collectivism. The year that saw, amidst a spasm of hubris, boredom and naivete, the release of bloodshot records first cd, the compilation, for a life of sin. The goto authority on all current world records no matter how extreme or trivial. Man breaks world record crushing walnuts with head rtm.

Monty lords incredible guinness world record breaking. The guinness world records series spotlight posted the official video showing. A pakistani martial artist used his head to crack 243 walnuts, besting a guinness world record set earlier this year. The man crushed 217 walnuts with his head in just 60 seconds. Man cracks 150 walnuts with his head in one minute, setting a. If this is all youre going for, the trick is to read this sort of thing in reverse by. Guinness world records shared video of a man cracking 217 walnuts with his head in one minute to break a record. Ive never heard of a regular nutcracker fierce enough to break a black walnut. Breaking sofie dossis 10 minute photo challenge record. Man breaks guinness world record for smashing walnuts with his. In some places you can buy black walnuts in stores, although they are rare. Festival where more than 30 guinness world records have been broken in the last three years. Bizarre moment man breaks 247 walnuts with his head. Mohammad rashid busted 155 walnuts with his noggin during the punjab youth festival in pakistan.

Hard headed man cracks walnutbreaking record fainting goats all the rage at pennsylvania farm. Cracking the man code will not only unveil the inner motivations of men like what causes a man to naturally open up and connect, or what you can do to ignite attraction in him but mat will also give you the critical love ingredients that men need in order to create a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Man breaks guinness record for breaking walnuts with head. For 50 years this man cracked his knuckles on one hand only to see if it would lead to arthritis of his fingers.

At guinness world records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and were here to measure it. Im training very hard and whenever i set up a new record, it gives me a lot of. A wellread teenager put his memory skills to the test to book his place in worldrecord breaking history. Just check out the video guinness world records unveiled yesterday of one of these records being smashed pun. If i have to say that a dont try this at but one young man did and now holds the world record. Man cracks 150 walnuts with his head in one minute, setting a new guinness world record. Wanda helped stake out a direct route from the feral origins of rock to the punks, riot grrrls and psychobilly boundary. Most walnuts cracked against the head in one minute guinness. Everyone has a special talent, and one indian man has used his to. Hardheaded man cracks walnutbreaking record video abc news.

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